What is the Ambassadors program?

It's money made part-time

MS Equities spends a great deal of time training new students. but how do we find these students? Well that is where you come into the picture.

Our ambassadors are tasked with looking for new students who are interested in the financial industry and would like to learn from the best.

then How do I make money?

Our ambassador's receive 10% commission of any products sold to the customers referred to the MS Equities Group.

Each referral can be worth up to $ 150. Some ambassadors can refer up to 5 students per month by just talking and networking with others in their community that have a strong interest in the financial industry.

where do I start?

Start off by contacting our team in the tab above and we will make sure to be in-touch with you immediately.


You may only become an ambassador once you have enrolled in the MS Equities training program.

Referral fees are only paid to ambassadors on receipt of payment from students. 

Ambassadors may not share commissions with referred students and/or enter 3rd party advertising to promote their own IP without the acknowledgement and consent of the MS EQUITIES team.