Doing this to become a successful trader? You should be!

The journey of becoming better as a day trader will combine many principles however, there is one important principle that stands above ALL else.

Point taken; any general practice will improve with the consistency of a routine. Unfortunately, trading can be considered as more of an activity rather than an actual life style that requires a high maintenance approach.

This became the biggest mistake for myself in the early days of trading. It became very apparent to me after spending a few days working with a group of professional traders inside a private trading fund.

Their daily routines were INCREDIBLE! The discipline and dedication towards perfectly executing their daily habits left me in awe. I decided to adopt their disciplines into my own daily routine and managed to spot successful results immediately.

The principle that affected my trading success the most seemed to be the process of creating an early morning active routine. Your routine may vary but I decided to follow it as such

6 30 am Wake up to a good morning breakfast (HEALTHY)

7 00 am Get the tracks on and walk off to the beach. (2-minute walk from apartment to beach) 

7 30 am back off to the apartment. Get the morning news on and start planning my day for trading and work. (VITAL!!! Missing this part would create major issues in my start to the day.)

8 15 am into the office and getting on with a day of trading.

Make sure to watch THIS VLOG to find out about something crazy I discovered on my beach walks…

Simple? Well that is the catch… although it may be simple, most will struggle to maintain this simple schedule for even 2 days at a time without slipping up or disregarding how a menial set of tasks would create such a great impact in your day.

And that is the punch line. The simplest activities are usually the ones that will create the biggest impact in your day. I urge you to spend your time working on this and try it! Let me know how much it impacted your trading performance as well.


Successful people repeat successful habits daily. What are your successful habits?