Whilst studying within the MS E Academy, some students may want to pursue a career in the financial industry. Our team ensures to assist students with finding the correct career path using the following methods;


Recruiter portal

With a network of clients based around the world, there are always requests for qualified and passionate graduates to recruit into companies in the financial industry. It is our team’s responsibility to link graduate with client and in doing so, provide a smooth transition into a new vocation.


Proprietary trader fund

Graduates that show promising skill for trading in the financial markets are given the opportunity to work for the MS Equities Group as a proprietary trader.

These traders will join a team of professionals and contribute to the management and investment of clients’ capital.  These graduates will gain professional experience and can leverage their references and track records to grow their capital or move to larger investment groups in the industry.


Ambassador program

Ambassadors are given the opportunity to network with prospective students and clients from around the world and attract them into investing or studying with the MS Equities Group. This is based on a high-commission networking program.

The core purpose of this program is not only to give students additional streams of income that they will learn to manage but also give them a stable working environment.