The MS Equities Group comprises of four separate companies. We also have a multitude of partnerships which assist in the effective deployment of services to students and investors around the world. 


MS E Holdings PTY LTD

Registration no. K 2017 212 196


MS E Academy

Our own education service providing access to students who want to learn about how to trade and invest like the professionals do.



Alfa Capital Fund

A Capital management group dedicated to producing equitable returns for investors whilst trading in the financial markets



MS Tex Group

Run by our team of dedicated quantitative analysts who specialise in the design of new risk management tools and algorithmic trading systems.



InQ-B8 Fund

Specialising in private ventures, property investments and partnership investments in stable and equitable investments



The partnerships formed between the MS Equities Group and service providers across the industry have been vital in providing students and investors a stable delivery of service


BD Swiss

The partnership with BD Swiss created a pivotal move in early 2017 by providing leading brokerage services to MS E Academy students. It has always been our passion to provide the best of service and BD Swiss has continuously proven to do so.


Swiss Markets

The recent move to Swiss markets, a partner company to BD Swiss, has been due to the need of providing a STP-only brokerage service to MS E Academy students. This will assist students in developing their skills on trading platforms like what is used in professional investment groups around the world.