Terms & conditions and Disclaimer


Please note; the following terms may be changed, QUARTERLY. 

MS EQUITIES Trading will not provide direct financial advice and ALL information in the following training manual has been developed purely from research and studies and is conveyed as market research and not as set guide lines to how you should trade or invest your money.

We do not take direct responsibility for the financial losses of our students in any form. Each student has the sole responsibility to make their OWN decisions when risking capital in the financial markets.

MS E Holdings is a registered Introducing Broker of Swiss Markets and BD Swiss. We hereby do not constitute any information presented about either broker as a solicitation, recommendation and/or endorsement to join either broker but shall merely be deemed as a personal preference by our own team and a vote of confidence to allow students to make use of their services. Any further engagement with either is per their OWN terms and conditions and MS Equities Trading shall not be held liable thereafter.


All training material, video content and readable content is intellectual property of MS E Holdings PTY LTD and may not be copied, screen recorded or Removed from the online training library for any purpose. Only downloadable content may be used offline when distributed but can only be used by registered students of the MS Equities Group.

Should we become involved in any legal procedures and/or disputes with you regarding the illegal use of intellectual property as stipulated above, access to the MS Equities training portal will be suspended until further notice pending decision by management team and/or legal team

The delivery of MS Equities services is partially delivered by online, 3rd party service providers. Should any service providers fail to support the delivery of services to students, our management team will ensure to provide you with an alternative delivery method and/or resolution within 7 working days of reported fault. Students are eligible to a full 100% refund should any issues pertaining to 3rd party service provisions be left unresolved.

Students will require a consistent internet access to the online training portals as well as direct email access to receive all training material. MS Equities Trading will not be able to provide any training content and/or information to its students that will create a breach in company policy.

MS Equities Trading does not take responsibility to the exposure and risk of any data/electronic device use by the student whilst accessing the MS Equities online portal/ mobile app/ website/ any social media pages linked to MS Equities Trading.

Training materials may be amended and altered to the discretion of MS Equities management team. All students will be notified of any changes in the course curriculum that may change or affect the outcome of their training performance

Access to the MS Equities online training portal is made available for the initial 12 months after initial activation of user access. Access will be terminated thereafter.

All information about students of MS Equities Trading will never be publicly distributed or shared with any entities for the use of contact information and/ or personal information unless specifically requested. MS Equities Trading will make use of student tracking data for analysis and reporting however, we ensure to be discreet and not provide any personal information whilst doing so.

All additional information delivered to students is an opt-in basis. Students will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to any email/message content as desired. MS Equities Trading will exercise the practice to send out promotional and/or 3rd party advertising to students from time to time

Support access is available 5 days per week between 8:30-4:30 pm CAT time between Monday-Friday excluding South African public holidays. Any support queries can be sent to info@msequitiestrading.com, Urgent queries can be dealt with by calling +27 72 250 2571. Support responses may take up to 24 hours during workdays.