What separates the professionals from the others? It comes down to how they prepare for the week going forward.

The Sunday Trader Talk does just that. Our team hosts a weekly lecture that is released every single Sunday morning to update and educate students on LIVE events occurring in the markets, allowing these students to study and prepare for the week going forward.

Hour long video lecture

As seen in the video example below, an hour long video lecture is filmed by Morgan Sampson, Managing Director and Head of Education for the MS E Academy.

You can watch the lecture video below to review the quality of this content.

Extensive lecture note pack

The Sunday Trader Talks are filmed based on a certain set of content. This content is compiled every week into a new PDF lecture note document that is provided to students along with the video once it has been filmed and uploaded.

The lecture note packs will include the following content:

FEB Sunday talk review 1,2,3,4.jpg
  • News updates on all relevant topics from the week that traders should keep updated on

  • Economic notifications results from the completed week as well as important economic notifications for the week going forward

  • Extensive updates on all closed trades and open trades taken by the MS Equities team

  • New trade ideas shared with extensive analytical processes included

  • A new trading strategy shared to help students develop with general educational tips/ information

As you can see, our weekly lectures are very extensive. These hour + long lectures are usually accompanied with tests and assignments to test our students knowledge once they have completed the talk.

Not only are these lectures important to students when preparing for the week going forward. It allows them to apply their knowledge in a practical setting as well as test their skills with new strategies every single week.

Free trader talk ad.jpg

Individuals that are interested in joining our training academy but would like to see our team in action before they join can request access to the Sunday Trader Talk free of charge.

Although only 3 of these lectures will be made available to watch, it will provide a clear example of the following:

  • Quality of educational content, lecture notes, slides, and attention to detail

  • Our process of explanation to lead by example and not by instruction

  • Quality of video and audio content

  • The value of receiving a brand new lecture with new notes, new ideas, and new strategies EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

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