MS E Academy has established a training process in delivering online based learning coupled with private coaching to assist the student in gaining practical knowledge to trade and invest in the financial markets.


Who should enroll into the MS E academy?

Firstly, students should express a strong interest in the financial industry however, the MS E Academy has always focused on educating a vast spectrum of students with ranging experience in the financial industry.

Our team focuses on training students that want to turn trading, investing and wealth management into a personal passion to succeed in. From the home-based investor, through to the professional trader, our team will always be ready to deliver a service to make a positive impact to the student’s career.  

Why should one ENROLL?

The power of knowledge is key when creating financial success for oneself. By learning more about trading, investing and managing your wealth, students are given practical methods to produce equitable wealth that can impact their financial future.  

Students interested in joining the professional industry will find it is necessary to gain the practical experience and track record as a private trader, investor and wealth manager in their own capacity. This will allow them to gain integrity and further knowledge which can be applied to other spectrum's of the professional industry.

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Our training

Our training has been designed to cater for students from novice through to professional with an extensive focus on providing a practical and realistic approach to the delivery of our programs


The training material utilized has been researched and designed by the MS Equities team. All training content is made available to the student in the form of videos, E-books, study guides as well as an array of practical study examples from a wide range of media sources.

Online learning

An online learner training system rivaling university standards has been established to deliver content to students based around the world via a web portal as well as mobile apps developed for the students’ study convenience.

Private coaching & support

Students may request frequent sessions with our coaches to assist with queries as well as additional coaching during their tuition period. This allows the coaches to monitor student progress and track record to assist the student in applying their skills correctly. 

As a student you will have constant access to a support team and receive expert advice and guidance for any of your queries. 

Testing process

Students are tested after completing every module to ensure the course material has been correctly understood and retained. Coaches closely monitor the testing process to identify those that are excelling and those who may require their attention.

MS E Academy Guarantee

Our coaching team is set to deliver, and to ensure that the student completes their entire training program successfully. Should a student be unable to finish their training within the allocated time, we will provide access to the academy and a private coach for an additional 3 months to ensure course completion.

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You are able to request access to our Academy by contacting our team via the contact page listed below;