The financial industry is largely considered to be one of the most competitive industries in the world. It is also widely misunderstood even by the people who are avidly interested in the financial markets, and combined with a lack of practical experience, leads to many undesirable ‘trial-and-error’ situations .

The MS E Academy  has therefore decided  to bridge this gap.  The gap between theoretical and practical knowledge is paramount for any person who may be interested in succeeding within the financial industry.


What is the seed of our knowledge?

The knowledge base of the MS E Academy has been derived from the purest form of the trading, investing and wealth management industries. Much like our training academy, it all began with a single cell. Through the division of one cell into another, information is transferred to the next. From generation to generation, it is our job to pass on the knowledge we have learnt to those who will follow in our footsteps. 

As our company grows and expands both its’ investor and student network, we continue to develop and subsequently allow our legacy to do the same. It is our goal to transfer what is used by successful professionals -  much like ourselves - to every individual that may require it. In creating a legacy of sharing our knowledge, we exit a time continuum of just “existing” and join an era of educating, empowering and succeeding.

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Our edge on the industry

The MS Equities Group has always strived to be unique when compared against our competitors. The group comprises of a multi-strategy, multi-asset hedge fund, an algorithmic and quantitative research company and a private investment company. Our educational center thus has access to a knowledge base leagues above the educational aspect of the financial industry. 

As we all understand, the MS E Academy is not  the first, the only nor the last company to provide such solutions however, many competitors in the financial industry have limited the access  of their knowledge to a very select group. These groups are known to only select  the crème of the crop from university graduates or for charging  an insurmountable amount of tuition fees to deliver an education that may not materialize into what the student requires.

This challenge in the financial industry has given the MS E Academy a reason to offer something new.  Determined to build a legacy, our training academy welcomes students from around the world to study without being charged excessive tuition fees or requiring previous qualifications and professional experience.


Our vision is to provide access to education for those that need it. No more elite selection processes that let so many lose out.


Can this be my new career?

Yes, we have not only been able to provide students with the opportunity to make money part-time but investing and trading can be a full-time job. It takes no degree or special qualification. it just takes your perseverance to study smart and dedicate yourself to becoming a profitable trader and investor.

Students require the focus and discipline to grow into professionals and become more consistent with their progress.


Every great success has started with a first step.

It is time to decide, are you ready to take that step into something that can change the rest of your professional/ working career?